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Monthly Archives: January 2017

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The stronger the link.

He said this study found a dose-response effect between psoriasis and metabolic syndrome: the more severe skin disease, the stronger the link.Gelfand said some studies have severe psoriasis tied in major cardiovascular events such as heart attacks increase. National Heart, that people die with the severe form of the skin disease years younger than years […]

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Reference: Ikeuchi N.

Reference: Ikeuchi N, Sofuni A, Itokawa F, Tsuchiya T, Kurihara T, Ishii K, Tsuji S, Umeda J, Moriyasu F, Tsuchida A, Kasuya K. Prognosis of cancer with branch duct type IPMN of the pancreas.Soligenix receives IND clearance from FDA to initiate SGX203 SGX203 as a treatment for Crohn’s disease Children Evaluatecontain keywords for this news […]

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