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According to Jacqueline Ramon.

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According to Jacqueline Ramon.

The AP / Times reports that the high rate of maternal mortality is mainly due the fact that millions of women either can not access or afford health despite Haitian health authorities ‘ ‘significant progress ‘in the past year to give the – – cent admission to public hospitals for pregnant women. According to Jacqueline Ramon, a maternity ward nurse at General Hospital in Port-au-Prince, the women are still paying all other costs associated must birth – such as medical care, food and transportation – to which many untrained midwives who use traditional medicine turn. Paul Farmer – a Harvard physician and co-founder of the not-for-profit Partners in Health, which offers no-cost health – – said: ‘It is never, ever going to work when we are a few things to say not intended to sold sold, and safe motherhood is one of them.

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