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Added Professor Simon Potts.

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Added Professor Simon Potts.

‘One would think that would be such a severe deficit in honeybees massive loss of crop productivity lead,’added Professor Simon Potts, who led the study team ‘However examines income to since the 80s, they just keep up. While some of this is due to better production systems, other species have probably had to fill the void left by honeybees. ‘.

Original publication: TD Breeze, AP Bailey, KG Balcombe and SG Potts, Pollination services in the UK: How important are honeybees, Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, published online on 20 May 2011.Writer Contact: Olivier Peyruchaud the INSERM Research Unit of 403, University of? Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France. Phone: 33-478-78-57-38, Fax: 33-478-77-86-63, e – mail:.

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