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Contact: David. Greenberg, John Wiley & Sons,Seen higher incidence of secondary Breast Cancer Among Black women, regardless of ageThe incidence of breast cancer is generally higher than in white women than black women, but the incidence a second cancer in the other breast higher among black women, according to a study at the Fourth AACR conference on the Science of Cancer Health disparities, held here September 18 to 21, presented the 2011th.

The researchers used the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Registry 9 data on breast cancer incidence among 415,664 white women and 39,887 black women with primary breast cancer at age 19 or older and the possible development of a second cancer in the opposite breast assess diagnosed.By Jeff Foulser have had a patient is, root canal treatment, says:’I remember made myself either my parents, their teeth and use them in a glass of beside her bed There is definitely not of what I want to I guess it is. A great idea, on a campaign to ourselves all the the value of root treatment and you see your dentist have remembered. ‘.

From Agfathe AgfaPhoto-Gevaert Group is among the world’s leading imaging and IT company. Agfa develops, manufactures and markets analogue and digital systems for compressed and material industry , the healthcare sector and movies products and specific industrial applications . 43 percent of in Mortsel, Belgium. The company operates in 40 countries worldwide and has agents in another 100 countries worldwide across the world.

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