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Martek s proprietary DHA algal oil.

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Martek s proprietary DHA algal oil.

Researchers have a responsibility to present their findings to the media in a manner that increases the likelihood of accurate reporting by the mainstream media Dr. Wilson said.

Of theselity Reporting of cancer in mainstream mediaCancer reporting in the media is generally of low quality. However, many of the poorer aspects of the content are released directly to the researchers, according to a study in the Medical Journal of Australia.It is the first study that to show that docosahexaenoic acid , an omega – 3 fatty acid may, accumulating of a protein tau, that for the development of neurofibrillary tangles, one of two Call Number resulting brain lesions of Alzheimer’s disease to slow down. Confirmed earlier studies DHA was also noted. A level of a different protein beta-amyloid the is sensitive in the brain form plaques the other AD lesion To reduce Previous work has demonstrated that DHA is might who therapeutic value AD patients. Current preclinical research belongs to the first to show, from 10:1 to play a part in delaying the onset of of the disease.. Beta amyloid Clinical Study With Martek DHA reduced hemispheric brain injury In Alzheimer an animal model.

Martek ‘s proprietary DHA algal oil, the evolution of two cerebral lesions that hallmark of Alzheimer ‘s disease may slow down 18 according to a study the April issue of the review of Neuroscience presented to.

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