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Out of the 80.

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Out of the 80.

For example, new scientific studies by the EPA by the EPA, a connection between the Bisphenol A , a chemical used baby bottles baby bottles and water bottles, and a variety of medical problems, including cancer and reproductive problems. On the market.islation, the children called safe Chemical Act would, therefore, to establish safety standards for each chemical on the market. It would also be to shift the burden to prove chemicals are safe from EPA to the chemical manufacturers.

In a 2006 report, the GAO cited the weakness of the existing legislation, such as the Toxic Substances Control Act known , as one of the reasons for the lack of security and consumer protection. Only five chemicals that given 29 years ago when Congress TSCA ever limited by EPA, according to the GAO. The new law would the EPA evaluate each chemical product for trade, to ensure that it is safe allowed allowed on the market.Slava Krylov on Tel Aviv University Faculty of Engineering, which could change their theoretical and practical work on applications the leader be different industries. Airplanes and rockets mechanics to electronics.. And as the sensor to improve of the for, what it able to measure are infinite. Team at Tel Aviv University scientist are at the center of tiny world of MEMS – microelectrical mechanical systems – adapt these systems even smaller, cheap and of sensitive by marriage to old-school mechanic with advanced Electronics. The widespread entry of thumbnail MEMS sensor in the equipment we us transforms our lives, says Dr.

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