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Progressive MCI and Alzheimers disease will be compared -.

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Progressive MCI and Alzheimers disease will be compared -.

ASA: DiaGenic and Pfizer On Blood Based Biomarkers for early stages of Alzheimer’s disease CollaborateDiaGenic ASA and Pfizer Inc[ NYSE: PFE] signed an agreement for explorative R & D collaboration to biomarkers in early stages of identifying Alzheimer’s disease with DiaGenic patented gene expression technology and its blood samples from ongoing clinical studies. The Company performs a common modular study where they longitudinal changes in blood based gene expression patterns in patients with stable mild cognitive impairment , progressive MCI and Alzheimer’s disease will be compared -.

The commercial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.About MCI and prodromal ADmild cognitive impairment is a transitional stage between normal aging and dementia. These are problems with memory, language, thinking and judgment that are greater than typical age-related changes. Mild cognitive impairment increases the risk of later developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and studies show that convert 50 percent of patients with amnestic MCI to Alzheimer’s patients. There is no proven treatment or therapy for MCI. Prodromal AD is an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease dementia, before any symptoms have developed.Things According to Hal is Lawrence, vice president of for Practice of of American College of the obstetricians and Gynecologists: can be be ‘During pregnancy prevention the most important reason for woman could use oral contraception in, she will also protect their tomorrow health care. For example, longer a woman has on the pill is, the greater you protecting of ovarian cancer. Are using use long-term pill the risk of of ovarian by 40 percent, to reduce, and potentially ‘up to 80 percent of women taking the pill for a decade or more.

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