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Says dietician Association of Australia.

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Says dietician Association of Australia.

12.7 percent of the concentrate Trans Fat Saturated Fat Raise Although reducing consumption of trans fats is laudable, says dietician Association of Australia , that a result of the focus on too much can be an increase in the consumption of saturated fats. While the DAA aggrees that trans fat consumption should go down, he the the replacement would decline with an increase in saturated fat consumption have dire consequences for the health of Australians. According to Claire Hewat, Executive Director, DAA.

If your saturated fat is high, you run an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. If intake of saturated fats intake of saturated fats, while increasing your increasing your intake of unsaturated fat, your ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.In If symptoms worsen or people basic medical problems Grand Prix call their GP people should not on of accidents and emergencies leave.

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