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Sleep apnea is of of breathing interruptions during sleep.

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Sleep apnea is of of breathing interruptions during sleep.

Sleep apnea is of of breathing interruptions during sleep. Previous studies focusing on sleep apnea and stroke in middle age, but the greatest incidence of stroke in the elderly, said Mu?

Severe sleep apnea is to be an important risk factor for ischemic stroke, which is caused by a blood clot that blocks leaving blood flow to part of the brain.The researchers used data from 394 people, 70 to 100 years old who participated in the Vitoria Sleep Project in Vitoria, Spain, a small town in northern Spain. The project included interviews participants basic information such as height, weight, body mass index, neck circumference and medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol gather. Researchers monitored patient breathing patterns overnight in a sleep study.Kissling, the Catholic Church say people should at risk, are provide with HIV having to condoms and to condoms and forgo for themselves whether to waive or she use. you adds that to human as means as a means to anyone who end conclusion, No ideology and misguided theological was in gospel path love of .. Person Daily HIV / AIDS report sums up opposite opinion Pieces Vatican’s Stance On Condom Use.

Frances Kissling: A small change within the Catholic Church stand on condom to prevent the spread of HIV will be a life saver, said Kissling, president of of Catholics for a Free Choice and founder of of the campaign. A sincere and honest depiction Catholic theology and Christian compassion would first to admit using condoms, Y which the HIV /] avoid AIDS with the Church of with the Church towards contraceptives, said Kissling.

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