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Stress in America is part of APA Mind / Body Health public education campaign.

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Stress in America is part of APA Mind / Body Health public education campaign.

Stress in America is part of APA Mind / Body Health public education campaign. For more information on stress and lifestyle and behavior, visit read the campaign blog , and follow on Twitter@ apahelpcenter.

About seven out of ten Americans report that money is a major source of stress , according to APA 2009 Stress in America survey, with similarly high %ages reporting stress resulting from work and the economy . More than half of adults also cited family responsibilities as a major source of stress in their lives. ‘According to our survey, three-quarters of adults in this country already report moderate to high levels of stress,’the psychologist Katherine Nordal, APA executive director for professional practice says. Can bring ‘The holiday season with extra emotional and financial burdens that can negatively affect both physical and mental health. For their child.sychologists call parents attention to pay to stress stress of their children during the holidays APA Stress in America poll found that children nearly two times more likely to have financial problems than their parents realize are particular worries, say 30 about their family about their family they make enough money, during only 18 % of parents report that this is a source of stress for their child..One hurricane season forecast one of said to moistest on record have opened on the Tuesday in the Caribbean to the Associated Press reported in an article the examination of the possible effects on Haiti earthquake survivor, the temporary accommodation is still simply. the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had one as many as 23 named tropical storms, which would this time of year predict predicted more active for record. .

Delays in setting of an ozone standard have a serious and life-threatening consequences. Ozone layer pollution premature death, asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and is to make the development of an child’s pulmonary. Levels of ozone, we are experience them in Washington DC present to send people with a lung diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease to to the emergency room and hospital. Delay in the establishment the classes at delays in implementing purge actions met to reduce ozone and to translate the health of millions of human beings.

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