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The charity invites local people to come along.

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The charity invites local people to come along.

Since 2006.iggins Trust Scotland opens a new HIV And Sexual Health Centre in AberdeenOn 18 September at 15:30 sexual health and HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland will be an open afternoon at the new center in Aberdeen. The charity invites local people to come along.

Services at the new center include THT: – New HIV Hepatitis B and C Testing Services – health promotion outreach to prevent HIV before passed focus – youth group for LGBT people – self-help groups and health advice for people living with HIV – One to one advice – General information about sexually transmitted infections – condoms and safer sex information – support for children and families are affected by HIV.The vision find ways to improve the vision abilities of persons with AMD and thereby preventing depression found. .. AMD is the leading cause of vision loss with Americans 60 years of age and older. The time gradually destroyed sharp, the central vision, Loss of vision being for seeing objects clearly and for common tasks such as reading and driving. Intel affects of macula, the part the eye to see see fine detail. In some cases, of disease progression so slowly that people will Shops little change in in their vision. In other it progresses faster , and may result in a loss of vision in both eyes. Vision loss in the elderly is a major risk factor of depression , the disease robs of older people their ability to carry out daily activities and limits its of independence, said Dr.

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