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The research announced a total of $ 2.

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The research announced a total of $ 2.

‘The funding announced today will help ensure that Canada is in the body of the H1N1 knowledge areas contribute contribute as immunity and health response continues ‘.. The research announced – a total of $ 2,000 over two years – will offering CIHR CIHR Catalyst Grant program, short-term funding for targeted health research activities. Published published through rigorous and independent peer review process following a call in July 2009. In relation to the investigation of the H1N1 flu virus, and the international community and the international community have come a long way in a short time, however, remain important issues, ‘said Dr.

Allison McGeer from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and her team will be study the impact of H1N1 in pregnant women. These include views of the best ways why infection and why only some pregnant women develop complications. John Schrader from the University of British Columbia and his team will look into the rapid development of new drug therapies in patients with severe H1N1 infection. Satyendra Sharma of the University of Manitoba and his team will try to determine why some patients develop with H1N1 go on Serious respiratory disease. The team will examine closely how the immune system fights the virus, and how this response differs in persons who develop severe disease after infection with H1N1. The team will also pursue the long-term prognosis of people who have developed severe respiratory disease.– Grand Challenges Explorationsspring: Gates Foundation.Posted by: Catharine the paddock,cardiac infarction indicates benefits of from hormone found in in the adipose tissue.

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