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This follows from the fact that in California.

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This follows from the fact that in California.

This follows from the fact that in California, all government officials have sworn and signed the oath of office have on file in order to qualify as duly authorized government officials. Which statesright is the California Constitution the California Constitution, Article 20, Sec. Which states:. (.

personal material and thus liberated from the disclosure it. Says this is absurd on its face, since the oath of office are, by its nature by its nature public documents, the sole purpose of creating that the officers sure. Serve the public interest and to defend both the state and federal constitutions level without visible signature, such documents are null and void if the signature that binds the person to take the oath. The DA ‘s assertion that we are sworn to protect the public, but we can not open our signatures swearing in our oath the public, the public, is absurd. It stands as an example of a belief that the government rules on people, and that people have no right to demand accountability.‘I am very pride in fact that I have to alleviate Your patients out of pain, illness and stress,’to give tells, due her success of hard work, education and passion for. Obviously a licensed acupuncturist and a diplomat in oriental medicine Bordes was awarded her PhD in Oriental Medicine of the Southern College of the Naturheilkunde in 1998. It was given its registered nurse financial statements of Flushing Nursing College in 1977. She is member of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. To non profit organization shall make recognized standards for of expertise and the safety in the respective disciplines. It is also an member of the American Association of Drugless practitioner the acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Counselling..

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