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To the racial match between physicians and patients.

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To the racial match between physicians and patients.

To the racial match between physicians and patients, Mark Rosenberg, Chavon Onumah, MD and Paul Kimmel, African-Americans of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) to judge examines recent trends in the racial background of U.S. Medical school graduates, internal medicine became residents, doctors in training to kidney specialist, and patients with renal failure or end – stage renal disease .

Kidney disease disproportionately affects African Americans: 32 percent of dialysis patients are African Americans make up only 13 percent of the U.S. Population. For a doctor, the same race as the patient may help patients trust and improve care, eliminate or reduce the increase in the number of African-American kidney specialists who practice in the United States or could these health inequality.– patients with CRF – hemoglobin levels between 10 to 12 g / dL. If a patient not reached hemoglobin levels 10 to 12 g / dL spite of 12 weeks respective PROCRIT therapeutic, Refer Dosing and Administration the PROCRIT Prescribing Information. Antibody-mediated or HIV infected patients – is the lowest hemoglobin level sufficient to avoid transfusion and do not to exceed 12 g / dL.

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