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Whichllegedly abort female fetuses arrested in Punjab.

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Whichllegedly abort female fetuses arrested in Punjab.

2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Abortions, whichllegedly abort female fetuses arrested in Punjab, IndiaAn Indian couple for allegedly aborted female fetuses, a practice that is illegal in India were arrested, Jagveer Singh, the investigating officer said in the case Thursday, the AP / Christian Post reports sent drugs. ;; also seized police of the few surgical instruments and other materials for abortions, which the couple has not been authorized to be used, according to the Times of India is to be determined. India in 1994 approved the Prenatal Determination Act, which prohibits the use of technologies such as ultrasound and sonograms for the purpose of sex – selective abortion. The law also bans advertisements for prenatal sex determination , as well as the practice of preconception sex selection law (Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report, Jagveer on Thursday said the man, Pritam Singh, under the guise of[ running] a maternity clinic, carried out and and killed female fetuses and dump[ ed] the fetuses in a well behind the clinic, said (AP / Christian Post, Singh Mohi: A nurse has a statement she worked one – one – and-a – a half months a half months, and during this time 12 or 13 female fetuses were destroyed.

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